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Animal Communication 

After being attacked by an abused and neglected dog when she was six years old, pet psychic and animal communicator Carrie Kenady has been compassionate about animal welfare, animal rights, and humane education. Her abilities enable her to communicate with an animal just by looking at his or her photo. 

Carrie can relay messages about your fur child's well-being, personality, physical health, temperament, his/her role in your life, likes and dislikes, behavioral issues, and much more. She does this via telepathic communication, which means that she can sense the thoughts, feelings, and images of other species without speaking a word. We all have this innate ability; it's just that Carrie has chosen to develop it through meditation and years of practice. 

In addition, Carrie is a certified psychic medium, which means that she can tune in to your beloved animals who have crossed over. She is also a certified Reiki master and offers healing sessions to animals in central Kentucky.

If any of this sounds intriguing, book a session with Carrie today. You may just be amazed at the funny, heartwarming, and beautiful things your beloved pet wants to share with you.