Karma and Charlie {a blog}

A Gift

When I was little I never dreamed I would telepathically communicate with animals as an adult. I mean, how cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs does that sound?! I wanted to be a teacher, or an astronaut, or a writer. But the universe had other plans for me. 

After discovering I was a psychic medium at the age of 32, more and more frequently I starting feeling and hearing animals in spirit. It started as a subtle energy---I would hear random bits of information in my head or feel their spirits surrounding me---and it quickly morphed into full-blown mental images, words, and sometimes audible noises. The average bear might think that kind of nuttiness calls for psychotherapy and a tall drink of lithium, but the more messages I started relaying to people, the more real it all became. 

And so it began, my life as a pet psychic. I started reading about animal communication and volunteering for my local humane society. I studied animal behavior and reached out to pet owners. I began seeing how much my readings affected the animals and their owners, and I vowed to become the voice for as many animals as I could.

Since then I have done hundreds of readings and talked to all kinds of animal species, both living and deceased. I consider my gift a blessing, even when a random cat (in spirit) wakes me up at 3 a.m. and wants to discuss how much she misses tuna. 

Becoming an astronaut would have been way cool, but having the ability to talk to a horse seems just as magical to me.