Carrie does NOT offer help with missing animal cases.

Carrie offers phone consultations to U.S. residents and Skype sessions to those outside the U.S. She is located in the Eastern time zone but can work with your schedule.

$75 = Phone reading for one pet. A reading usually runs 30 minutes and requires that you email a clear photo of your pet to prior to the reading. Carrie's ability to connect using a photo of the animal is just as strong as the connection she feels when she is physically in the same room as the animal.

If your pet needs medical attention and is visibly injured or ill, please consult your veterinarian immediately. 

*Please note that readings are for entertainment purposes only. Although Carrie presents specific evidence of her connection to your pet during the session, no psychic reading can provide information with absolute certainty. Any information given is subject to your own personal interpretation and action.